Anna Fur Laxis

A true international headliner, Anna Fur Laxis has performed her inimitable brand of striptease all over the world and is one of UK Burlesque's finest exports. She has graced stages from Europe & America to Australia & Asia. Anna's extensive list of accolades include being placed Number 5 in the World Burlesque Top 50 and being awarded First Runner Up at the prestigious Burlesque Hall Of Fame in Las Vegas before she ran away with the circus and created the Shanghai Burlesque scene from scratch... You might say she's been a bit busy!
Get your adrenaline shots ready! - she's pulse-raising, breath-taking, and occasionally fatal!

Anna Fur Laxis will be performing at the HEBDEN BRIDGE BURLESQUE FESTIVAL GALA at Todmorden Hippodrome on Saturday 5th May