Aurora Nova by V's Anchor Studio

Aurora Nova

Professional contemporary dancer by day, Aurora Nova is an award-winning international burlesque performer that has graced the stages throughout New Zealand, Australia, UK and Europe.

Dubbed “the Future of Burlesque” by Medianoche (Miss Exotic World 2017), Aurora has taken the burlesque world by storm by performing at prestigious international festivals and winning the coveted title of Legend in the Making at HBBF 2018.

Her commanding stage presence and vivacious movement is legendary, and it is without a doubt that Aurora’s stunningly conceptual and dynamic routines will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Aurora will be performing and judging at LEGEND IN THE MAKING on Thursday 2nd May at Hebden Bridge Little Theatre.

She will also be performing at LIVE & STRIPPING on Sunday 5th May at Hebden Bridge Little Theatre.

Aurora will also be teaching her MASTERING CHOREOGRAPHY workshop on Sunday at The Salem Centre.

(Photo credit: V's Anchor Studio)