Rubyyy Jones

rubyyy jones by sin bozkurt


Rubyyy Jones is a glittering force of nature, an artist and an innovator, the UK's Queen of Queerlesque! 
With an evocative balance of politics and glamour, Rubyyy is known for her sharp wit, electric stage presence and unforgettable interpretations of the art of Burlesque. 
Having performed all over Europe and in the UK's top events and venues, Rubyyy is a burlesque babe, an MC, a ground breaking producer and Fairy Godmother to many exciting new artists in burlesque, drag and beyond.
Get ready for something sensational and You're Welcome!
Voted in the Top 20 UK Burlesque Performers of 2014.

RUBYYY will be hosting and performing at DIVERSITEASE on Friday 29 April.

(Photo by Sin Bozkurt)