Ginger Soumise

The cheesecake cutie with the tattooed booty! Ginger is the ex-drama teacher turned burlesque performer who loves to entwine story telling and elements of musical theatre with her love of everything vintage. The result is a burlesque style as eclectic as she is! A single parent of four, Ginger taught herself the art of Burlesque following online tutorials during the COVID lockdown initially as something to do in the evenings, before falling madly in love with the art form. She made her debut performance in November 2022 and hasn't looked back, performing across the country and also producing her own sell out shows in her Essex hometown. About to turn 40, Ginger loves spreading the message, especially to other mothers with post-partum bodies, that it's never too late to try something new and how important self love really is! So prepare to be dazzled and dished up plenty of cheesecake as Ginger Soumise always delivers!

Ginger Soumise will be competing at LEGEND IN THE MAKING on Thursday 2nd May at Todmorden Hippodrome. 


Photo credit: V's Anchor Studio