Lady Wildflower

Lady Wildflower commands audiences with her fierce, high-energy performances, full of drama and passion. Oozing sex appeal and with charisma dripping from her sparkling talons, Wildflower's show-stopping acts dazzle, entrance and delight.

Lady Wildflower is an internationally acclaimed and highly in-demand burlesque artist based in Yorkshire, England. She was consistently voted in the Top 20 UK Burlesque performers numerous times by 21st Century Burlesque and was last year voted number 41 worldwide.

An award-winning nipple tassel twirler - Wildflower won "Best Technique" and was first runner up at the Octbooberfest Tassel Twirling Championships at Stockholm Burlesque Festival 2016 and kept her tassels twirling continuously for 15 minutes!
For the past 15 years, Wildflower has regularly graced burlesque stages all over the UK and Europe as well as around China and in New York.

Wildflower is also one of the country's most respected Burlesque tutors. She teaches regular courses and one-to-one mentoring in Manchester and has taught her masterclass workshops all over the UK, Europe and in Shanghai. Many of her students have become established, successful burlesque performers in their own right and have performed internationally and won awards. 

As well as producing Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival since 2013, Lady Wildflower is the producer of The Frou Frou Club Burlesque & Cabaret Show which she founded in Hebden Bridge in 2011 and curates cabaret shows for many esteemed venues around the North West.

Wildflower will be performing at LIVE & STRIPPING! on Sunday 5th May at Todmorden Hippodrome. 
She will also be teaching her BURLESQUE FOR BEGINNERS Workshop on Saturday 4th May at The Todfellows Space.

(Photo credit: My Boudoir Photography)