Marilou Taboo

Marilou's burlesque voyage began in 2023 when she burst onto the scene during her debut at Lady Wildflower's 'Show Us Your Newbies' show in Manchester. Originally hailing from the picturesque landscapes of North Wales, Marilou draws inspiration from her Welsh heritage, luring audiences into her world with a captivating narrative and spellbinding story. Each tantalising move will mesmerise spectators with a potent blend of power and mystery, transporting them into an eerie realm, and leaving observers speechless. Prepare to be magnetically pulled into the depths of Marilou's enchanting underworld, and join her on on a mystical journey.

Marilou Taboo will be competing at LEGEND IN THE MAKING on Thursday 2nd May at Todmorden Hippodrome. 


Photo credit: Kez Simpson