Dolly Trolley

Dolly Trolley's Drag Bingo

Drag Bingo with Dolly Trolley is the latest craze to sweep the nation and is reportedly more addictive than a fidget spinner and more outrageous than Piers Morgan’s reaction to a vegan sausage roll.

Grab your dabbers for camp anthems, lip-sync battles, bum shake-offs, bog-roll brides, three-legged races, mystery spot prizes and performances from your hostess throughout.

Number 30, lets get dirrrty.

Did we mention this wasn’t regular bingo?

** snaps ** 

This is an unticketed event. Just rock up and buy your bingo cards from Dolly on the door for £5 a card. 

Sunday 5th May
5:00pm - 6:30pm
Venue TBA

(Photo credit: Emma Woolrych)